Saturday, July 28, 2012

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Fudge…. Easy as eating a Cadbury Silk..

This is an absolutely delicious and easy fudge that my kids rave about! The gorgeous gooiness!! Just perfect for a family like mine who are chocolate crazy.

2tbs unsalted butter
1can condensed milk
1/2cup unsweetened cocoa powder
250grms Marie biscuit ( crushed in to bite size pieces)

Generously butter an 8inch round tray or pan, set aside. In a sauce pan melt butter, add condensed milk and cocoa powder mix to combine.

Cook for about 3 minutes on medium heat, Add crushed Marie biscuits mix to coat all the biscuits with the chocolaty fudgy sauce. Immediately transfer the chocolate biscuit mixture into the prepared pan, using a spoon spread and press biscuit fudge in to the tray and place in fridge at least 2hour's. When ready cut into squares and serve ..........................................enjoy!!!

Note: If you are not a very chocolaty person you can reduce the amount of cocoa powder up to 1/3cup, but 1/2 cup is delicious and chocolicious!! 


  1. is this the same as chocolate biscuit pudding,?

  2. Nammi this is not same as biscuit pudding,, this is the link to biscuit pudding, This is in a fudge texture after refrigerating ...

  3. condensed milk, is it the normal geri kiru? or unsweetened condensed milk?

    1. Shifan...

      Yes normal gerikiru sweetened condensed milk ...