Thursday, September 8, 2011


2cups water
2cups thin coconut milk
1cup very thick coconut milk
4tbs corn flour
11/3cup sugar
3tsp rose water
3cardamom pods
2inch cinnamon
2inch 3ramp leaf 

Dissolve corn flour in thin coconut milk. Set aside. Cook 2cups of water with cardamom, cinnamon and ramp leaf.

When water starts to boil add sugar and stir. When all sugar is dissolved remove cardamom, cinnamon and ramp leaf. Turn the flame to low. Start adding thin coconut milk and corn flour mixture stirring constantly.

Cook until kiru thickens enough to hold back of a spoon. Pour thick coconut milk and rose water. Stir well. Serve garnished with nuts and raisins ...............................enjoy!

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  1. Hi, yummm, thats a delicious looking kiru :), its nice to see a dhivehi blogger :)