Friday, April 25, 2014

Bokuri Bambukeyo ( Caramelized Breadfruit)

This is my absolutely favorite of all favorite desserts, I mean from local desserts.  Simple and very scrummy and moreish and yet at the same time looks very very elegant I mean the dark amber color like a glowing bunch of small amber colored rocks. I could eat the whole recipe by myself, hahaa. 
I was thinking to use this as a filling in tarts, puff pastry, pies, but not this time in another recipe. For a creamier taste my mum used to eat this with thick coconut milk, instead of coconut milk I added some whipping cream and the taste was mind blowing. From this recipe six servings can be taken.

1086 grams breadfruit (bambukeyo, cored skin removed and cut in to bite size pieces)
543 grams sugar
21/2 cups water
½ cup jasmine water
2 sticks cinnamon 

1 - In a deep sauce pan add breadfruit and water.
2 - Cook until bread fruit gets medium soft, just water reaches to half.
3 - Add sugar and cinnamon, give a good stir. Cover and cook on low heat until some breadfruits get soft, some mushy and the color changes to light caramel brown.
4 - Now add Jasmine water again cook until color changes to deep amber color. Serve hot with coconut milk or whipping cream. Enjoy!


  1. Its been long time, almost forget the taste eh.. :/

    1. Now that my recipe is available you can make it :D