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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Garudiya (Fish soup)

Garudiya is one of the main dish eaten every day once or twice in each and every home of Maldives. Garudiya is eaten with plain rice or roshi with crushed chilies and lime. You can have it as a soup also by squeezing lime and adding some chopped chilly in to it. Below I am writing my way of cooking Garudiya and I am sure whoever tastes would love it. 

1ltr of water
300g tuna (cubed)
1big onion (sliced)
3 garlic bulb
10 curry leaves
1tbs spoon of whole pepper corns
1tbs Rihaakuru (Maldivian fish paste)

In a pan add water, onion, garlic bulbs, curry leaves and pepper corns cook until water starts to boil.

Add tuna and salt keep on cooking remove scum from time to time.

When the fish is cooked add Rihaakuru and mix well with a wooden spoon (If you don't have Rihaakuru no problem just leave it). Serve hot.........................................enjoy.


  1. yummy, I love garudhiya...I'm sure If I followed your recipe, it would taste even better
    Thanks for sharing your recipe:)

  2. Thank you, making for dinner . But going to boil whole tuna fish...