Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dhon-noo mas kirugarudiya (Yellow fish curry)

2 medium don-noo mas (fish) each fish cleaned and cut in to three
2 bilemagu (bilinbi) each lengthwise cut in four
1big onion sliced
10curry leaves
3pundun leaf (2inch)
3 Maldivian chilly (split in two)
2cups thin coconut milk
1cup thick coconut milk
1tsp turmeric powder

In a sauce pan put all the ingredients other than thick coconut milk.

Cook until fish is soft. Add thick coconut milk and stir season with salt. Serve with lemon rice........................................enjoy.

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  1. hi. im a huge fan of ur page. it helps a lot for Maldivian students like me who studies abroad. keep up the good work (Y). and i wanna clear a doubt. is it tamarind powder or turmeric powder??