Monday, March 30, 2015

Ramadan Special Cooking Class 1 for this year starting 8th of April

My Ramadan special cooking class 1 for this year starting 8th of April 2015, I will be teaching 18 recipes for Rf 2500, PLUS 2 days FREE training on BUSINESS PLANNING in Dhivehi (this training will include how to make a business plan, costing, accounting, profit and loss, food hygiene, etc) with the 2 free training days total 10 days. Timing is 08.30pm to 11.00pm. Below are all the recipes I will be teaching. For any information and to buy this class call 7709426.

Chicken tikka biryani
Mix vegetable raita
Beef samosa puff
Lemon gateau
Spicy sausage with creamy penne pasta
Coconut dressing green salad
Tandoori burger with chilly salsa
Chocolate tart
Lemon rice
Butter chicken
Date romaine salad
Grilled Chicken kebab submarine
Peach chunk cake
Minced Meat Curry with Peas
Papaya  salad with roasted peanut
Braised beef with vegetables
Creamy mashed potato 

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