Monday, April 9, 2012

Hanaakuri Mas (Stove roasted fish)

This dish is a very popular dish, it is prepared to eat with rice pudding on special occasions but my kids love to eat it with roshi (Maldivian flat bread) so I make this dish two to three days a week. 
1tuna lion cut in to bite size cubes (1 gandumas)
2big onion (sliced)
1tbs ginger garlic paste
8curry leaves
4pc 3” pandan leaves
4tbs chicken curry powder
Maldivian chilly (githeyo mirus)
11/2tbs lonumirus curry powder or chillie powder
2tbs tomato paste
6tbs vegetable oil

In a sauce pan heat oil add onion, curry leaves, pandan leaves, chilly (as much you want), ginger garlic paste sate until light caramelized color. Add both curry powder & tomato paste roast with the caramelized onions until oil separates from onions. Now add fish and salt, stir constantly on medium heat until fish is cooked, if you want some gravy add 1/2cup coconut milk give a stir. Serve with rice or roshi or bondibai…..................................enjoy!!

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