Friday, August 10, 2012

Chicken Submarine

It's been a week since I am having right shoulder pain. When I become too busy with cakes & in the kitchen this happens, so my sweet daughter took in charge of the kitchen for the last few days so that I could get some rest. She made this yummy corn beef sub sandwiches yesterday for breaking the fast, but I forgot to take picture of those sandwiches, soon I will make her version of corn beef sub sandwiches & will post the recipe. Today I feel better so I decided that today also we must have submarine. I prepared this amazing chicken submarine, I have used few vegetables, which is easily available from the nearby shops, but it can be replaced with any kind of vegetable you want.
My daughter making corn beef subs
Ingredients: A
4 Submarine buns
Ingredients: B
1/3cup vegetable oil
450grms boneless chicken (cooked in salted water & cut in to small cubes)
2medium onions
2garlic bulbs (chopped)
2 Capsicum (seeds removed and cut in to stripes)
½ tsp chopped Chilly (Githeyomirus)
Ingredients: C
2tbs cream cheese spread
1/2cup Mayonnaise
2tbs chilly & garlic sauce
1/2tsp pepper powder
Ingredients: D
4 cheese slices (each cut in to 4squares)
3Big fresh Tomatoes (sliced)
2big lettuce leaves (cut in to half)

Into a sauce pan put all the ingredients in B, saute until chicken pieces get a light brown color. Take out from heat let cool for 5minutes, then add all ingredients in C, Mix well season with salt. Set aside. At this point start heating the oven at 160C.
To layer the sandwich: Cut each submarine bun in half length wise. On the bottom half spread 1/4portion of the creamy chicken mixture then arrange 4 small squares of slice cheese, on top of this layer one lettuce half, then arrange 5 tomato slices and cover with the top half. Make four submarine sandwiches the same way and cut each sandwich in half, insert or prick a toothpick in the center of each half and arrange the submarine sandwiches in a big baking pan.
 Bake for 5minutes or until cheese is melted, serve with french-fries and a salad......enjoy!

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