Saturday, March 1, 2014

Starting My Pretty Cup Cake Class, Basic Cake Decorating Class and Some pics from Yesterday's 1 Day Baking Class

Pretty Cupcake Class starting  9th  March (Rf 1000)

What I will be teaching is How to pipe & make

Rose Cupcake, Daisy Cupcake, Sun flower Cupcake
Drop flower Cupcake, Carnation Cupcake, Poinsettia Cupcake
5 Petal thousand flower cupcake
3 different kinds of angry bird cupcakes
Bear Face (making & piping on cupcakes)
SpongeBob Cupcake
Hallow kitty Cupcake

This is a 3 days class, all class materials provided. Each day 3.30pm to 6.30pm 
This class fee is Rf 1000

Basic Cake Decorating Starting 10th March (Rf 2000)

What I will be teaching in this class :

 How to bake perfect butter & chocolate cake, how to make smooth butter cream, how to smooth a cake with butter cream, how to make 6 kinds of butter cream flowers, how to draw & fill cartoons on a cake, different kinds of borders, Basket weaving and decorating cupcakes.
Course materials will be provided

Course duration: 5 days, Course fee is Rf 2000
Timing is 20.30 to 22.30
To join these classes call 7709426

This picture is from yesterday's baking class. I enjoyed every single minute teaching them. Seven kinds of Different flavor's of Cakes ..

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