Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cinnamon sugared fried choux with chocolate sauce ... dreamy chocolate fantasy

Choux pastry is a light, crispy bun or a finger (depends how you pipe it) with airy soft pockets inside. Inside of choux pastry can be scooped and filled with sweet & savory fillings. I did post a recipe how to make eclairs some time back, that is also made using choux pastry, but this time I made something different. 
I saw on TV some restaurants serving fried choux with hot chocolate shot which took my interest to do little research about it. After my research I decided to make my version for Saturday afternoon tea. My impatient kids started eating just after first batch was fried. I finished last batch and sat to enjoy near my kids with a big mug of tea. Choux was crispy just after frying & melts in mouth like a dreamy chocolate fantasy. We could not eat all so I kept it covered at room temperature and next morning I had some for breakfast. Choux wasn't crispy as it was after frying, but tastes yummichocolicious ..  

Choux :
100 grms unsalted butter (chopped)
1 cup water
1 cup flour
1 tsp corn flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
5 large eggs
Chocolate Sauce
1/3 cup whipping cream
75 grms dark chocolate
½ cup chocolate syrup
Cinnamon Sugar
½ cup sugar + 2 tsp ground cinnamon (mix together)

Make chocolate sauce
1-   Chop chocolate set aside.
2-   Mix whipping cream & chocolate syrup, put into a pan and cook until syrup starts to boil. When starts to boil switch off flame, but keep on the hot stove.
3-    Add chopped chocolate into the boiled syrup & leave for 10 min. After 10 minutes stir until all chocolate is dissolved and sauce is smooth.
4-    Pour in to a bowl and leave to cool.
To make choux
1-    Mix flour, corn flour, baking powder. Set aside
2-    Put butter and water in a sauce pan, start cooking on moderate heat when butter dissolves and the mixture comes to a rolling boil, turn heat to lowest. Tip all flour mixture in stirring vigorously with a wooden spoon. Stir until the dough leaves sides of pan and you have a smooth ball. Remove from stove.                        
3-   Put dough in a stand mixer bowl, start beating the dough.
4-   When dough breaks start adding eggs one by one. Be careful at this stage as the dough is very hot which may scramble the eggs, keep on beating high until all eggs are added and the dough turns into a thick glossy paste. Consistency of icing or thinner than icing which can be piped without hard pressure.
5-   Heat oil in a wok or a pan, get a 1M size star nozzle ready in a piping bag. Scoop some amount of choux batter into piping bag and pipe about 3 inch long rods into the hot oil. Using a pastry scissor cut the batter from end of nozzle.
6-   Turn both sides to fry evenly, when piped choux gets nicely brown and crisp using a slotted spoon take out from oil and immediately put into cinnamon sugar and turn to coat all sides.
Serve with Chocolate sauce…… enjoy!

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