Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stir Fried Sausage Rice

Yesterday I did not know what to make for lunch. I have run out of meat. Without some kind of meat our lunch or dinner cannot be complete and these days my son has become a fussy eater, he was little chubby until last year November. He started changing he said he wants to look thin and he stopped eating like before and started going to play football & swimming almost every day with his friends. I and his dad have to keep our eyes on him always and now he has lost all the fat, he has become thin. Now if I make a cake or something sweet and give him he will say I am trying to make him fat, heheh… well I am the mother I do not like him to be too thin so now every day I am trying to make something which he will like to eat, it is not that I am avoiding my daughter she is like me she loves all kinds of food that is why I do not have any worries about her. About my son… may be his age has brought these changes he is going to be 15 this march so I guess this is the time boys like to start looking good & don’t like them to be treated as the baby boy.

I had a sausage packet and two days back my mum has made fried fish paste(theluli rihaakuru) , so I thought why not make a sausage rice, my son and daughter loves sausages and I cooked this rice praying to god that my son will likes it. And so to my surprise he ate his lunch without fish paste until his stomach cannot take any more………am happy..happy…happy, below is this delicious rice recipe.
2cups cooked rice
5sausages (chopped)
1leeks (cut thinly)
1carrot (chopped)
6curry leaves
Maldivian chilly (Githeyo mirus)
1/2tsp ginger garlic paste
6tbs vegetable oil or olive oil

In a wok or a sauce pan heat oil and add leeks, chilly(you can add as much you want) carrot & curry leaves fry for five minutes, now add sausage and ginger garlic paste again fry until sausages turns light brown color.

 Add rice mix everything very well. Season with salt and serve with fried fish paste(theluli rihaakuru) or with a vegetable curry……………………………..enjoy!


  1. Yummy fried rice... never tried sausage rice combination though..:)

  2. This looks delicious Nadiya. Very simple and I should try this on a weekend.

  3. yummy n a delicious dish gud work :)