Monday, February 13, 2012

Githeyo Boakibaa (Ghee Cake)

Ghee is not an ingredient which I like at all to use in my cooking, but this ghee cake is heaven in mouth, this is the only food I like with ghee. This cake we eat when we have tea, mostly afternoon tea or sometimes even morning for breakfast if we eat “Hedhika” means short eats. Cake will be sliced or cut in to bite size pieces. 

I don't know why this cake is named ghee cake as not much ghee is used while cooking the batter, just only the nuts and onions are fried in ghee and only to apply inside the baking tray good amount of ghee is used.

1cup rice flour  
11/2cup sugar
21/2cup thick coconut milk
1/2cup pandan flavored water (cook 11/2cup water with some pandan leaves unti water reduces to 1/2cup) (11/2jodu fenan raanbaa fai alhai gen 1/2jodu fenan vanden kahkaa lavaa)
1/2cup maafen (jasmine flower infused water or 2tsp rose water)
2tbs cinnamon & cardamom powder
2medium onion sliced
1/3cup Sea Almond (Kanamadu)(each cut in to half)
1/2cup Ghee or Githeyo

In a sauce pan heat about 4tbs ghee, fry the onion until golden brown, take fried onions on to a plate, leave aside, fry the Sea Almonds in the same pan until slightly darker in color, if more ghee is needed add enough ghee, set aside.

Now preheat your oven to 160C, apply a good coating of ghee inside a 7 to 8inch baking round tray, set aside. In another sauce pan mix powdered rice, coconut milk & sugar start cooking on low flame stirring constantly. When the rice mixture gets thick enough to coat back of a spoon, add cinnamon & cardamom powder, jasmine water or rose water & pandan flavored water. Again stir until the mixture comes to same thickness, add 1/2 of the fried Sea almond & 1/2 of fried onions give a stir , take away from flame and pour mixture in to the prepared baking tray, sprinkle rest of fried onions & sea almonds on top.

Bake for about 1hour or until cake turns light brown color. Serve with a cup of tea or coffee………………….enjoy!

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  1. Masha Allah. My first attempt at githeyo boakiba was a complete success. Even my Mumma was impressed. Thank you very much Nadiya.