Sunday, February 5, 2012

Soya Meat Curry

I think soya meat will be a new kind of food to Maldivians, but just it's so healthy that I want introduce soya meat in my blog.  Maldivians love to eat meat that it is difficult for us to have our meals without some kind of meat, so this is one of the vegetarian food that has the meat texture and similar kind of taste and healthy in lot of ways.
This is also one of the kind of food I eat when I really really want to loose weight so welcome to the world of vegetarian meat! Yes, it’s true! Soya Meat or Textured Vegetable Protein ? it is produced with the help of soya beans and has a very fibrous texture similar to that of meat. The protein content in soya meat is above 50%.  Here are some few health benefits of soya meat.
1.It is low on cholesterol.
2.There are fewer chances of you getting a disease due to ingestion of meat.
3.Recent studies conducted have found out that vegetarians live longer!
4.A low fat diet which can be achieved thanks to vegetarianism can help fight impotence.
5.Thanks to a high fibre intake, your digestion system remains fit!
  Soya Meat
1pkt (70g) soya meat
1big onion sliced
1/2tbs ginger garlic paste
10curry leaves
1big tomato (chopped)
2tsp chicken curry powder or roasted curry powder
1/2tsp chili powder or lonumirus curry powder
1tbs tomato paste
1cup coconut milk or low fat milk
3tbs olive oil or vegetable oil

First remove soya meat from packet and add a little salt and boil them for about 5minutes or some packets you may have to boil more than five minutes just see the instructions. 

Strain and squeeze out water. Soya meat which is available at the stores has a flavor sachet inside. If you have this flavor packet than mix with soya meat set aside. Heat oil in a sauce pan fry onion, curry leaves and ginger garlic paste until onion turns to light brown. 

Mix all the curry powder, tomato paste and tomato give a stir, mix the soya meat and add coconut milk. Cook for about 3 to 4 minutes. Serve with rice or roshi…………………………………….enjoy!

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