Friday, February 10, 2012

Kanamadu Gulha (Sea Almond balls)

Each Friday I try to prepare a special lunch at my home, today I prepared Masbai, Theluli Rihaakuru (spiced fish paste), cucumber & carrot salad and as a sweet  Kanamadu Gulha. Something totally new & so yummy…………. 

1cup Kanamadu (sea Almond)
1/2cup sugar
1/2cup maafen (Jasmine flower infused water) or 1/2cup water and 1tsp of rose water

Powder the Kanamadu or Sea Almond (without adding water) in a blender/food processor. In a pan add powdered kanamadu & rest of ingredients, if using water do not add the rose water yet. Mix everything & start cooking on low flame. Stir constantly, when the mixture leaves side of pan at this stage add the rose water if using water otherwise keep on stirring when you see some dry powder sticking on the bottom of pan take the pan out of flame leave to cool until you can handle the dough. Now oil your hand very well & start making balls out of dough until all dough is finished. If you want the kanamadu Gulha not to stick on your plate powder some Kanamadu & roll the balls one by one in it  & serve with a cup of tea or coffee or just as a dessert………enjoy!

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