Sunday, November 27, 2011

Latest favourite baking goodies

Cookie Cutters
Ball Mould
Sprinkles & Glitter Dusts
These goodies above came with love from UK, well love did not come for me came for my sister, but he came with all these my favorite baking goodies for me. He did ask before he came what I wanted so whatever I asked he brought for me. He came to meet my family as my sis and he is getting hitched next June.
Goodies below X brought from his latest trip from Colombo.

This below heart tray as you can see it has been used several times, but it is my favorite heart tray which really wasn't mine. I found this tray in my mum's pantry so I asked her who's it is she said not hers then I asked my sisters and they said it does not belong to them too. So I capt it and my youngest sister saw it the day I took the tray with a pudding I made for evening tea and she told the tray was her friend's Babees so I left the tray with her with a broken heart and two days after she said babee doesn't mind if I keep it.......Big Smile
As you can see my over flowing pantry and even down cupboards also full. My sister says if I get a pantry size of a football ground still no empty space will be left. I know I have to organize my pantry again .....hehehehe

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