Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Creamy Mango & Hershey kisses lolly or popsicle's

I had one extra can of mango and a lot of chocolate in my fridge so last night I made these lollies. Today I covered the lollies with chocolate, thinking after taking pics I will put them back in my freezer, but the lollies were melting so fast I had to serve it immediately. You can see from the pictures also the lollies have started to melt. Perfect for hot days and picnics. 

1can Mango
3/4to 1cup condensed milk
10 Hershey kisses or Milk chocolate

Empty canned mango with syrup and 3/4cup of condensed milk into a food processor, blend until smooth. Taste if you think you need more condensed milk adjusts for your taste. Pour in to lolly moulds and freeze over night. Melt chocolate on a double boiler. Take lolly moulds out from freezer run warm water back of the moulds for few minutes. Take lolly out from mould and pour little by little melted chocolate or with a small fork splash chocolate on the lollies. You have to work very fast as the lollies will start melting. Serve immediately........................................enjoy. 

A link showing how to melt chocolate:http://www.wheat-free.org/how-to-melt-chocolate.html

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