Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dulce de lecher

My mum talks about her sister & my cousins cooking condensed milk inside burning charcoal stoves until it turns to toffee. When I heard this, I was very curious to know what really it is. What they do is leave an unopened condensed milk tin inside burning charcoal stove for hour's and when they take the tin sweetened milk will be changed to caramel like toffee and everyone eats it. Sometimes they put two to three tins. But one day a tin explored and condensed milk was all over badige (Kitchen). No idea how they have cleaned the milk any way now also at the islands some homes they keep the olden stoves made of cement which wood will be burnt for cooking. This way the food is tastier.

Dulce de lecher means "sweet from milk" made in lot of countries different ways. I searched internet how to make this. I was amazed to know that only from one product Dulce de lecher can be made that is a can of condensed milk. So in Maldives also since condensed milk was available Dulce de lecher was eaten, but the way milk has to be cooked is dangerous as it has mentioned that sometimes the tin bursts, but making two to three holes on top of the condensed milk can and filling a sauce pan up to one inch below the condensed milk can than cooking for 3 to 4 hours is safe. This is frustrating for me and the other way is in oven and even in microwave oven, but the easiest and safest way for me I have mentioned below. 

1 can Condensed Milk

Empty condensed milk tin into a sauce pan start cooking on low flame. Stir constantly in between take the pan out from stove and stir scrap the areas turning to brown and mix mix, let it cool little bit again put on stove cook like this scrapping sides until the milk turns light brown. First you may feel that the milk is forming bits of caramel color, but don't worry keep on stirring and in the end all milk will be in same color. Be very careful as the milk may burn. When the milk gets cool enough you to touch. You can add to your icings and cakes or oil your hands and form in to candy balls and wrap in parchment paper.................................enjoy! 

Note: Dulce de lecher is used to ice and to make cakes, as spreads on toasts, to make candies and confectioneries or just to eat as a candy.

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