Monday, October 10, 2011

Lolly with Peach bites

LOLLY is everyone's favorite, the sweet milky, rosy taste just yummy. In Maldives we have Lolly and Juicepetties. Lolly is Popsicles made from Sharubath and Juicepetties are fresh or ready made juices packed in small plastic bags and frozen. I use to remove the lolly from stick, crush it in a glass and eat it with a spoon. That's the way I liked it as a child. 


I gave a little twist to Lolly by adding some peach chunks, it tasted great. While you suck Lolly you can eat chunks of sweet fruit. This recipe makes three Lollies. 

For Sharubath:-
4tbs Rose syrup
11/2cups Water
5tbs Condensed milk

1 can peach in syrup

To make Sharubath mix all sharubath ingredients and balance everything per your taste. Drain peach and chop or slice. Fill half of each Lolly mould with peach slices, pour sharubath and put a stick upright in each lolly freeze overnight. To unmould run warm water outside Lolly moulds for two to three seconds ..........................enjoy!

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