Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baked beans bread rolls

12 bread slices (crusts removed)
1/3cup water
For filling:
1can Baked beans
1can tuna
1big onion (chopped)
Maldivian chillies (chopped)
1/2tsp salt
3tsp oil 

In a sauce pan add 3tsp oil fry onion, chillies, until translucent. Add baked beans, tuna and salt mix well. 

Roll the bread slices as thin as you can. Join three slices of bread.

Apply water in the end of one slice of bread press 1/2inch of another slice of bread and join the third slice the same way. Leave all the joined bread slices for 10 minutes.

Arrange baked bean mixture in the middle of bread slices leaving about 3/4inch space empty from one end.

Apply water in the 3/4inch space and roll bread slices.

Wrap in Plastic wrap and chill for 3hours or 1day.
Slice each roll in to five bread rolls.

Bake in a 160C pre heated oven for about each side 10minuts or until light brown .................................enjoy.


  1. An ordinary dish made extraordinary and attractive to kids!
    I just discovered your blog, Nadiya, and am loving it. Keep the great recipes and tips coming!

  2. im going to have to try this recipe, im tempted to melt some cheese on them too