Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chocolaty fudge or homemade chocolate

125g Milk powder
60g Sugar
150ml Water + 1/3cup water
50g Butter
5tbs Cocoa powder
1tsp vanilla essence

Cover a small tray about 7x5inch with aluminum foil. Grease it well with butter set aside. 

Mix cocoa powder and milk powder until no lumps. 

Mix sugar and 150ml water in a sauce pan. Cook to thread stage or consistency. If you have a candy thermometer its easy.

Take off from stove add butter and vanilla essence, stir when the butter is fully melted add milk and cocoa powder mixture and rest of water. Place the pan on stove and stir until mixture leaves sides of pan. Transfer the mixture to aluminum foil covered tray. Take a piece of greased paper or parchment paper. Put on top of the chocolate mixture and with a spoon or spatula spread chocolate mixture and press to smooth it. Peel off the greased paper.

Let the chocolate fudge rest for 10 minutes and place the tray in fridge for 1hour. Cut into desired shapes with a knife dipped in hot water and serve or pack in plastic gift give away bags ...............ENJOY!

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