Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Use of Coconut in Maldivian cooking

I would like to write some information about the stages of coconuts which can be used in Maldivian cooking's.

1- First I would like to write about the young coconut with sweet juice, but just starting to form it's soft easily scrapped flesh. This coconut is used only as a refreshing drink & the flesh can be easily scrapped, this young coconut is called "Kurumba" in Maldives.

2- Secound is the medium soft fleshy coconut, this coconut the flesh is harder then kurumba soft then kaashi. The flesh has to be grated or removed piece by piece using a small knife this is sometimes eaten with coconut honey which we call "Dhiyaa hakuru". This coconut is used in some of our desserts & it's called "Gabulhi".

3- Third is the normal coconut with hard flesh, which is sometimes eaten with dried fish called "Maskaashi" and the coconut milk is widely used in Maldivian cooking's, such as curries, rice, desserts this coconut is called "Kaashi".

So I hope this is some kind of helping information when you cook Maldivian food.....enjoy

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