Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tuna Puff Pastry Swirl

100g puff pastry
180g canned tuna
3tsp mayonnaise
1/2tsp pepper powder
Maldivian chilly as much you want
1 Small onion chopped

Crush chilly, onion, mix tuna, mayonnaise, pepper, pinch of salt. Set aside.
Take the pastry dough, roll it quickly to a long rod about 35cm to 40cm flatten it to 3inch wide. You have to work very fast as the butter in the puff pastry will start melting and this will make the pastry so soft which will make it difficult to handle (I SPREAD PLASTIC WRAP ON MY WORKING SURFACE SO THAT IF THE PASTRY GETS SOFT IMMEDIATELY I CAN TRANSFER IT TO FRIDGE WITHOUT TOUCHING IT)

Spread the tuna mixture in the middle of puff pastry now bring one side slowly overlapping the tuna seal to the other side of puff pastry. Roll it gently to a swirl. Wrap in food plastic wrap. Put in fridge for 1hour.

Oil a tray put the puff pastry on this tray. Apply egg wash (egg beaten with 2tsp of water) on the tuna puff pastry, sprinkle with black cumin.

Bake in a 180C pre heated oven until the top of pastry is light brown color..............................enjoy

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