Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fish Ball Curry

For fish balls
250g tuna fish (cut in to small cubes)
1 medium onion (chopped)
1 Maldivian Chilly (chopped)
1 garlic bulb
2tsp roasted curry powder
1/2tsp salt. 

For curry
11/2cup thin coconut milk
1/2cup think coconut milk
4tsp lonumirus curry powder
2tsp tomato paste
1big onion (slices)
8 curry leaves
2inch 4pandan leaf
1tsp garlic & ginger paste.
5tsp vegetable oil 

Process fish ball ingredients in a food processor. Make small balls. Leave aside 

Fry onion, curry leaves, pandan leaves and garlic ginger paste until light brown. Mix fish balls slowly fry the balls in onion mixture until light brown.

Add Lonumirus curry powder, tomato paste mix well, pour Coconut thin milk cook 5 minutes. Add thick coconut milk and salt cook another 5 minutes..................enjoy.

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