Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dhigaafathulee Hunihakuru folhi

For filling
3cups grated gabulhi (medium coconut grated)
1cup sugar
1/2cup dhiyaa hakuru (coconut honey)
11/2tsp cinnamon & cardamom powder
1cup jasmine water 

For dough
450g flour
11/3cup warm water
1/2cup vegetable oil
1tsp sugar
Dhigaa leaves or Banana leaf also can be used (thoroughly washed) or Aluminum foil cut in to 4" x 4" squares. 

In a sauce pan cook coconut and sugar stirring continuously with a wooden spoon until coconut becomes soft and sugar dissolves completely, add dhiyaa hakuru, cinnamon cardamom powder & jasmine water cook until mixture becomes thick light golden color. Set aside to cool.

For the dough: In a bowl mix flour, oil, sugar and pour warm water slowly mixing after each addition, if too dry add little water. This dough have to be little sticky to the touch. Divide this dough in to 2inch diameter balls .Spread one ball of dough on a leaf or aluminum foil . 

Put 2tsp of coconut filling in middle 

Lift one side of the leaf & fold it towards the other seal the sides firmly pressing your fingertips.

Continue until all the filling is finished. Steam for 15minuts and serve........................enjoy.

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