Saturday, August 13, 2011

Faratta (Parotta)

4 cup flour
1 tsp
13/4 cup water
5 tsp oil
1¼ cup oil
Dough making and kneading.
Mix flour, salt, 5 tsp of oil and water. Knead to make a soft dough, Put it in a bowl and close it with a plate, let it stay for 30 minutes. You will be needing a big work surface like a kitchen counter top. Now press the dough and knead it by slowly adding oil (1/4 cup) little by little. Repeat the process until the dough becomes very soft. Some time you may think how can this dough become together oil is too much and the dough is falling apart, but trust me & keep on kneading  (20 minutes approx). Now make ten equal portions (4 cups flour yields only 10 farattas) and put them under a damp cloth or kitchen towel, this helps it from becoming dry

Stretching the dough
Take one portion and roll it as much as you can with a rolling pin, apply oil about a tsp for each faratta and stretch it to paper thin size. It might tear in some areas and it does not have to be a perfect round shape, but the experts of making  faratta I have seen them throwing the dough holding sides in a round motion and it becomes a perfect round shape, but we are not experts ....right so don't worry OK. Stretch using your hands or use the rolling pin, oil makes the work easier.

Shaping the dough
Again apply little oil on the stretched surface of the dough. Now using both your hands try making pleats and fold as you do that. Just like making a paper fan. Start from one side and finish on the other end lift it up Start rolling it backwards from both ends to form a round shape. Repeat the whole process for each faratta and store them back under the damp towel.

Last stretch and toasting the faratta
Keep a flat pan hot and ready while you do the last stretch. 

Flame should be on medium high throughout the frying process. Now take one portion of the shaped dough and slightly roll it with a rolling pin, just one side only. The other side should be the firm on the bottom do not flip while doing this. Transfer it straight to the flat pan and let cook for few minutes, now flip on the other side and a tsp of oil, you will see it becoming fluffy, flip one more time and then put it back on the counter. Using both hands, try to beat it once, just like clapping, to separate the layers. Serve hot ......................enjoy.

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