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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Bajiya filling can be made differently. Some people use smoked tuna, some use boiled tuna, but I like smoked, dried and crushed tuna as this crushed fish give bajiya a traditional taste of "maskurolhi" (mixture of crushed dried fish, coconut, dried chillies, pepper and raw mango). Which every Maldivian loves to eat. 

300g roshi dough
250g crushed dried fish
3big onion (finely sliced)
50g masmirus or flaked dried chilies
1/2tsp pepper powder
Maldivian chilies as much you want
3tsp roasted curry powder
4tsp sugar
1tsp salt
5tsp oil 
Oil for frying
1/3cup flour
1/3cup water to make the bajiyas
Make filling:
In a sauce pan heat 5tsp oil. Fry onion, Mladivian chilies until soft. Add pepper powder, curry powder, masmiru, Maldivian crushed dried fish. Mix well, then add sugar and salt cook stirring for 2to 3 minutes. Set aside to cool.

 Making bajiya
Devide the roshi dough in to 2diameter balls. Flour you're working surface, roll one ball into a round disk.

Cut this disk in to 4equel parts.

Now in the pic below where the arrow is pointing fold it towards the middle as shown in the second pic.
 Apply water in the line shown in the pic, fold the other end shown in second pic. Now you will have a nice pocket.

Hold this bajiya pocket inside your hand and fill in 2tsp of onion and dried fish mixture. Apply water in the area where the line is drawn in the second pic below and seal the bajiya well.

Make bajiya's until all filling is finished. Fry until golden brown ............enjoy.

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