Friday, July 29, 2011

Masbanas Rolls (Fish Bun Rolls)

For the Dough:
½ to 3/4 cup lukewarm Water
1 tablespoons Butter or Margarine
2 Eggs
2 cups All-Purpose Flour
1tsp Sugar
1/4 teaspoons Salt
1 tablespoon Yeast
For the filling :
3 Medium Potatoes
1 Can Tuna Chunks in Water or Oil (180grms)
1 Medium Onion Chopped
Maldivian Hot Chilly Chopped (as much for your taste)
4 Curry Leaves
21/2 tsp Roasted Curry Powder
4tsp vegetable Oil
Egg wash (1 egg beaten with 2 tsp of water) 

To make the dough:

Put yeast to 3 table spoon of warm water. Let it sits for 10 minutes.

In a Saucepan put butter. Sugar & ½ cup of water bring to simmer until sugar dissolves and butter melts take it from the flame let it cool. Shift the flour add salt mix. Make a hole in the center of flour add egg pour the yeast mixture, melted butter (This should be cool enough by now to not scramble the egg).

Mix by hand to make a smooth soft dough if it's too dry add more water. Cover the dough, and let it rise for 1 hour, or until it's doubled in bulk. 

Time to Make Filling:

Peel potatoes & cook it until tender mash the potatoes keep aside, Sauté Onion, curry leaves, Maldivian chilly in oil, when the onion gets translucent add Tuna, potato & curry powder. Mix all well cook for 2 to 3 minutes. Season with salt per your taste leave to cool.

Now take the risen Dough, gently deflate.

Make smooth ball flour you're cutting board or rolling board, roll the Doug in to 9" x 9" square thickness about 1/2cm.

Arrange the curry mixture evenly on top of the rolled dough leaving about 1 inch space from one side. 

Start rolling from one side like a pin wheel, Wrap with plastic food wrap put in fridge for two hours.

Cut in to 1/2inch rolls, arrange the rolls in a baking tray,

let it sit another half hour. Make egg wash gently with a brush apply this egg wash on all the rolls & Bake the rolls in a preheated 375°F oven for 12 to 15 minutes, until golden...........................serve ....enjoy.

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