Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fresh Kiwi & Cherry Spritzer

When I work with sugar I get very thirsty and crave for a cooling drink, most of these days I make some lemonade because its easy to make and as well refreshing. One of these days I ran out of lemon and was left with some kiwi and fresh cherries, so I made this delicious refreshing cooling drink, so thought of sharing this recipe on my blog. Just chill it before drinking, because it enhances the flavor and makes it more refreshing. Also, add ice to it before drinking.

1 kiwi (peeled & copped)
5 ripe cherries pitted
21/2 tbs sugar
13/4 cup sparkling water 
More cherries or kiwi for garnish
Ice cubes

1 _ Put kiwi 2 table spoon of sugar & 11/2 cup sparkling water in a blender & blend until smooth. Pour into a glass.
2 _ Put cherries, 1/2 table spoon of sugar & rest of sparkling water in a blender & blend smooth. Strain & pour in middle of kiwi juice glass.  Chill and Serve with ice....... enjoy! 

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