Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sunshine Mango Mousse

It’s mango season going on and the local market is full of mangoes. Most mangoes are brought from the island Gan, I heard many mangoes go rotten and it have to be thrown before they could send to Male’ or any other island to sell because of transport shortage. Even the islander’s don’t have any facility to keep mangoes fresh for long time. Few Maldivians used to sun dry sour mangoes and these dried mangoes are capt in gunny bags for months to make pickles. Mangoes are used to cook curry, make pickles and juices, even we do eat sour mangoes dipped in spicy fish paste. I think ripened mangoes are a delicacy to be eaten any time of the day as it's my favorite fruit. I have written some mango recipes which I want to include in my recipe book. Hopefully trying to publish it before Ramadan. Sunshine mango mousse is an easy yummy dessert I made for last Friday lunch. 

1 cup whipping cream
3 tbs sugar 
¾ cup mango pulp
Lemon Yellow food color (Optional) 

1 – Whip whipping cream with sugar until soft peaks.
2 – Fold mango pulp into whipped cream. For nicer color add few drops of food color and fold again.  Chill for 2 hour’s garnish with chopped mango's and serve. Enjoy!

- This recipe makes 3 servings ...

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