Sunday, November 3, 2013

Training on Business Components at sewa Ahmadabad & Training on Food Processing at CFTRI Mysore

Twelve home based workers around Maldives were chosen from Ministry of economic development & trade by SABA Project for a training held at Ahmadabad & Mysore from 20th October to 31st October 2013 on food processing. This training is my second training from Saba. On this trip at Ahmadabad Sewa Gram Mahila Haat and Rudi Multi Trading Company we were trained on costing, accounting & business plan. At Mysore CFTRI  we were trained on  how to make pickles, how to dry raw bananas to make starch for pastry products, preparation of pineapple osmo, orange squash, some bakery products, how to set up a home scale food processing unit, food hygiene and sanitation, package forms and operations, food packaging, plastic in food packaging, biodegradable packaging, shelf life studies, safety of plastics, Quality of raw materials & international and national quality standards of products and food processing equipment's  These are some pictures from my training trip.
  CFTRI Mysore 

 Some of my pics from training trip 
 At Mysore Palace 

 Making mixed fruit Jam 

 Some bakery products which we are taught 

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