Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Crispy Crunchy all favorite stuffed Pizza…

To make a crispy pizza all I need is a thin pizza base, I don't have the mood to make one so I went to the shop in front of my home, bought one pizza base. The pizza bases available in the local shops are thicker than it should be for a pizza, so what I did is I divided the base in half to get a very thin two half's. The thinner the base the crispier the pizza will get.

My kid's love sausages, chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes & lots of cheese so I stuffed this pizza with all their favorite ingredients. 

Ingredients: A
1pizza Base
8tbs chilly & garlic sauce
4tbs tomato sauce
Ingredients: B
1/2cup vegetable oil or olive oil
300grms chicken (cut in to 1cm pieces)
1big Onion (chopped)
2tsp red pepper flakes (Raalhuko muguraafa huri hikimirus)
5 sausages (any kind you like sliced)
Ingredient: C
2 big Tomatoes (sliced)
1cup of sliced or chopped mushrooms
8slice cheese
Mozzarella cheese

Cut the pizza base in half. Keep your left hand on top of the pizza base, holding your knife with the right move the knife in a zig zag way.  I recommend that you cut the base a few inches, spin 30 degrees and cut a few inches and repeat until you are all the way through it. Put the two half’s cut side up on a baking pan. Set aside.

Heat the oil in a wok or a sauce pan add the chicken pieces and 1/2tsp of salt, stir fry until chicken pieces are cooked & inside is no more pink. Take from oil on to a kitchen towel leave to drain oil. In the same wok add onion, pepper flakes, sausages and 1/3tsp salt. Stir fry until sausages are puffed. Start heating the oven at 150C,

To layer the pizza:- Spread 4tbs of chilly & garlic sauce & 2tbs tomato sauce on top of each base, divide the sausage mixture equally on top, on this sprinkle the fried chicken pieces equally, do the same with the mushrooms, on top of this arrange the tomatoes and last just pull, tier and arrange lots & lots of slice cheese & mozzarella.

Pop the tray into the oven & bake until the cheese is melted & the base gets nicely crisp. This may take 20 to 30 minutes, just keep on checking don’t let the base burn……..enjoy!

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