Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rihaakuru Garudiya (Fish paste soup)

Again some free days came on hand so I thought of making something local and rarely tasted nowadays to post on my blog. I don’t remember last few years making this soup so I was wondering if my kids will like it or not, but to my surprise they loved this soup with rice and smoked tuna. Here is the recipe

1ltr water
3 to 5tbs Rihaakuru (Fish paste) depends on the quality
1small sour mango or billinbi (cut in to bite size pieces)
5dried chilies’
1mediun onion (cut in to lengthwise)
4cloves of garlic
1tsp ajinomoto
Curry leaves
Pandan leaves

Mix water and Rihaakuru in a saucepan, bring to a boil, if you see little scum remove it. When this starts to boil add all ingredients other than salt. Cook for about 5minutes or until the onions & chilies’ start to release its aroma, taste and season with salt. Serve with rice, Smoked fish and lonumirus ………..enjoy!!

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