Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anbu Riha (ripe mango curry)

Hi my readers, I have been little far from blogging since some days sorry about that just busy with work so I am back with a local fruit curry recipe, my favorite fruit mango. Some few days back mangoes were lot at the market so I thought of making a curry as I love mango curry, my version may be little different with the local one but this was so yummy that I want to post this recipe.

4ripe mangoes (skin peeled & sliced)
2big onions (sliced)
12curry leaves
5pandan leaves (2inch each)
4garlic (chopped)
1/2inch ginger (chopped)
Maldives chilly (githeyomirus)
4tbs chicken curry powder
2tbs roasted curry powder
1/2tsp lonumirus curry powder or chilly powder
1tsp garam masala powder
2tbs tomato paste
Tuna fish chips or smoked tuna( I added about 85grms)
1/2cup thick coconut milk
2cups of water
1/3cups of vegetable oil
21/2tbs sugar
In a sauce pan heat oil, add onion, curry leaves, pandan leaves, ginger, garlic, Maldives chilly, sauté until onions turns to light brown. Add all the curry powder and tomato paste roast until oil separates from the onions, add the mangoes, tuna chips & water.

Cook until mangoes get soft. Now add coconut milk and sugar, cook for another five minutes. Season with salt & serve with rice………………………………….enjoy!

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