Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cinnamon Tea

 Last night around 10.30pm my youngest sister called me to come mum apartment they want discuss something with me, when I went she, my mum and my third youngest sister were watching some Hindi old songs , laughing and joking about the way the performers were acting and dancing. Not my mum but both the sisters.  My mum loves music especially Hindi old music, on her free times or while she is working she will always put some music on. Mostly she loves Hindi old songs, I also like most of the Hindi old songs no matter how they dance or act when great music hits you’re mind you forget everything and wants to listen over and over again. My sister did not call to discuss anything just they call me to make the crowed big to have more fun. Even they called my second youngest sister too she came after sometime but after she entered she realized her bracelet was missing from her hand so she went in search of that & did not come back. 
My youngest sister made this cinnamon tea while we were watching the songs. She told that in India this kind of tea is made. I did go India three to four times but never had this kind of spiced tea. When we all gather we always have great time together, one of the unforgettable moments of my life with my sisters and mom and my youngest sister makes the best cinnamon tea. I just love it hope who ever tries would love this tea. 

1liter water
2tbs tea leafs
2cinnamon sticks (about 3inch fat sticks)
2tins sweetened condensed milk 

In a small sauce pan or kettle mix water, tea leaves and cinnamon sticks, cook for about fifteen minutes on medium flame.
When the cinnamon sticks releases its aromas take out from flame and strain the tea in to a tea pot. Add one tin condensed milk stir well, the other condensed milk tin pour little by little and adjust the sweetness for your taste. Serve with short eats or some biscuits. Great to drink on cold days & nights ……………..enjoy!!   

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