Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rai Bondibai (Caramelized sweetened sticky rice)

1cup rice (white glutinous rice washed)
21/2cups of water
11/2cup sugar
1/3cup diyaahakuru (coconut honey)
2tbs sweetened condensed milk
2inch 4pc pandan leaf
1stick (3 inch) cinnamon
4cardamom pods
1/2cup jasmine water 

Boil water with pandan leaf, cardamom pods and cinnamon in a deep pan. When the aromas are released add rice in water and cook. No sooner rice is cooked add sugar, diyaahakuru and condensed milk. Cook again until rice mixture gets sticky and all the sugar is absorbed. Add jasmine water mix well. Take out from stove leave to cool caramelized bondibai. Serve with coconut milk or hanaakuri (spiced) Chicken.

Note: Rice should be just cooked don't overcook it. If overcooked bondibai will be mashed. We want rice particles to be hard not soft. When eaten rice will be chewy..........enjoy!

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