Friday, October 28, 2011

Tiramisu Cake

I first ate tiramisu some four years back at Salsa Royal Restaurant, that day on wards I fell in love with this Italian dessert. I wanted so much to make it, but as cream cheese or mascarpone cheese was not available in Maldives I was not able to try the recipe, and now few months back I saw cream cheese in one big store I bought some cream cheese packets, so made tiramisu and have posted the recipe in this blog, if you want recipe check label desserts. But my mission to make tiramisu as a cake is accomplished today. Whoever makes desserts with cream cheese will know that it will not hold its shape long after taking out from fridge. But one ingredient has done the job for me.....SMILE.....

I want to decorate sides of this tiramisu cake with whipped cream, but just I want show on face book ads (cheesecakes) how the cake looks so left without covering sides.............enjoy!

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