Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hithala Fushu Folhi

Hithala fu (http://www.nadiyas-tastesofmaldives.blogspot.com/2011/11/hithala-fu.html) is used making many varieties of sweet desserts and dishes in Maldives, which is dying with the old generations. First when I didn't know how Hitha fu was made I asked several friends of mine on facebook, but they even haven't heard of this. I was shocked or is that Hithala fu was used in some of the islands in Maldives. My mum, my late Bappa (Father) loves many sweet desserts made from Hithala fu
It's been now four years since my Bappa passed away of cancer still my eyes get full each time I remember my late Bappa. My late Bappa has his daily schedule organized. For meals he comes home on time and we four daughters must join him. He loved all of us very much, whatever we ask he will try to get it for us as soon as possible. I remember my sister and I use to apply red color from our coloring box which we use at school on our lips as lipstick. When my Bappa saw this, he brought two big makeup sets for me and my sisters from his earliest trip from abroad. Those days makeup sets were not available in Maldives. If I go on writing about my Bappa there will not be an end as my Bappa is the best Bappa in the world and me and my sisters love him very much. Ok back to my recipe 

50g Hithala fu
1/2  cup Maafen (Jasmine flower infused water)
1/2cup sugar
4tbs grated gabulhi or coconut
2tbs vegetable oil

Sprinkle maafen on top of Hithala fu (If you can't get maafen normal water will be fine with 2tbs rose water) leave for five to ten minutes.
Beat egg and sugar until thick, crush hithala fu properly in to fine paste and add in to egg mixture. Mix well and add coconut mix well until sugar is dissolved.
Heat a flat pan on the lowest flame. Apply oil and Pour the Hithala fu mixture into the hot pan and bake.
When one side gets slightly brown flip to the other side bake like this until both sides gets a light brown color. Cut in to wedges and serve with a cup of tea.....................................enjoy!

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