Friday, September 9, 2011


My mum is from kudahuvadhoo and dad from Male'. So when I was a child on school holidays mum use to take me and my sisters to visit our grandparents. Each morning at the island my mum use to give us a glass of fresh morning toddy and two bananas which I love so much. As days went by grandpa and grandma passed away and my visit to the island diminished. It is very rare now that I can get toddy to drink. But to my surprise now toddy comes in nicely canned small bottles. In this Ramadan month Mr. x brought me this canned toddy. It felt so good to drink toddy after a long time. I enjoyed every sip of it which brought the sweet memories of my childhood at the island with my grandparents. Now I keep stock of this toddy's in my fridge. So can enjoy TODDY any time I want..............Big thax goes to Mr x.......... 

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