Friday, August 5, 2011

Havaadulee Bis (Curried dumplings)


For the filling:
500g smoked tuna (sliced & crushed)
3/4cup grated coconut
1big onion sliced
1 Maldivian chilly seeds removed & chopped
1 big lime
1/2tsp turmeric
3curry leaves chopped 

For the dough:
450g flour
11/3cup warm water
1/2cup vegetable oil
1/2tsp salt 

For the curry:
2 onions sliced
10 curry leaves
2 inch 2pc pandan leaf
1/2tsp garlic paste
4tsp roasted curry powder
1tsp tomato paste
1/2 cup thick coconut milk
3tbs oil
1ltr water 

For the filling: Crush onion, chilly, curry leaves, salt, lime & turmeric powder. Mix coconut & dried tuna. Make small balls from this salad about 30 balls can be made. Set aside.

For the dough: In a bowl mix flour, oil, salt and pour warm water slowly mixing after each addition, if the dough is too sticky add little flour, if too dry add more water until you get a smooth dough. Divide this dough in to bigger balls then the filling balls which you prepared before. Set aside. 

Make the dumplings: Take one ball of dough flatten it, put one ball of filling in the middle & close it tightly removing all the air inside the dumpling. Make an egg shape. Continue until all the filling is covered with dough. 

Making curry: Fry onion, curry leaves, pandan leaf and garlic in 3tbs oil until light golden brown, add roasted curry powder, tomato paste, coconut milk cook for 5minuts season with salt. Set aside.

Start boiling 1ltre of water in big sauce pan, when water starts to boil add the dumplings slowly one by one. Cook until dumplings are hard.

Drain water & add the dumplings in to curry, toss until all the dumplings are coated with the curry .......................enjoy.

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