Friday, January 8, 2016

My friend Shama’s “Cream Cracker Fruit Creamy Delight” And a Near Year Wish

Hey, friends. Wish you all a very Happy New Year. I wish you only the best, which includes health, happiness, luck, tons of joy, unconditional love, great friendships, realization of all of your dreams, a peaceful sky above your head, prosperity, a table full of food to share with your loved ones, and many other things that will make you happy!

My first recipe for 2016 is a sweet dish which is utterly divine. One of my favorite desserts!! And it’s actually so easy to make. This dessert was introduced to me by my friend Shama at a dinner get together. I asked her if it’s alright to post the recipe on my blog and she said yes.

Servings: 5

1 cup whipping cream
 2 tbs sugar
1 plain yogurt
1/2 tin condensed milk
1 packet cream cracker biscuit (she prefer green color cover one)
1 medium size tin fruit Cocktail
1_ Prepare an eight inch glass tray or serving dish ( you can make two layers in an eight inch tray
2­_ Add whipping cream and sugar into a bowl and whip until soft peaks. Set aside
3_ In another bowl mix condensed milk & yogurt, into this fold whipped cream.
4_ Take one third of cream crackers, crush between your palms and sprinkle on the bottom of glass dish, on top of this add half of the whipped cream & condensed milk cream. Spread a nice layer. On top of this sprinkle half of the fruit cocktail.
5_Crush half of remaining cream cracker and sprinkle on top of fruit cocktail, spread remaining cream, then sprinkle remaining fruit cocktail and for the final layer crush remaining cream crackers and sprinkle on top.  Chill this dessert at least 4 hours. Serve cold. Enjoy!

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