Wednesday, November 6, 2013

All in one Fondant Class by Nadiya

In my fondant class I will be teaching 4 kinds of cakes....

How to make Fondant, How to cover a Cake board, How to cover a cake, How to tint fondant

1st Cake
I will be teaching a cute Dora cake with cut out, over lays and inlay’s using a puzzle, 2D effect
Ruffles and some borders  

2nd Cake
How to make bow loops & how to assemble on a square cake
How to make Royal icing

3rd Cake (Wedding Cake)
How to make Parchment, How to make Tylo paste
How to make 23 kinds of flowers, 3 kinds of leaves, some flower buds
Royal icing lace work, brush embroidery, extension

4th Cake (Novelty Cake or 3D cake)
How to curve a bath tub cake, how to cover the cake with fondant,
How to make Gelatin bubbles
How to make rubber ducks using modeling paste
How to make modeling paste
How to make a beautiful marble cake board ..

All the cutters & tools will be provided by me. Price is Rf 10,000. Course duration is 1 month, other than Friday each day 3.30 pm to 6.00 pm I will be conducting class. For any information & to join this class call 7709426.

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