Friday, April 26, 2013

Chocolate Lava Muffins


After long time again I am posting a new recipe. Just too busy at home & baking, but as the Ramadan is getting near I am getting ready with some delicious recipes to upload and next month I am conducting three classes especially for Ramadan that's my Cheesecakes Class, my Cooking Class & I love Chocolate class, all my readers if you want to join any of my classes feel free to contact me or mail me or for more information you can always check my face book page “Cheesecakes” .

These Muffins I made yesterday for my daughter's request. Since last December she is staying at Colombo for her higher studies. She came for few days & this morning again she left. My kid's love the chocolate lava cakes sold at the pizza hut or Mac Donald's at Sri Lanka from these two places I don't remember much from where. I was able to make four muffins from this batter. That's normal ramekins size. These muffins are so delicious, give a try just so simple & you don't have to use a beater too, if you don't have ramekins you can make a one big Muffin in a 6inch tray or even oven safe cups can be used.

1/2cup unsalted butter
200grms dark chocolate
1/2cup sugar
3tbs flour
1/4tsp salt
Butter & cocoa enough to coat your muffin cups or ramekins

Pre heat your oven to 160c, in a sauce pan melt chocolate & butter, set aside to cool.

Generously butter your ramekins, keep in fridge until the batter is ready. When the chocolate mixture is cool add sugar, flour & salt mix well until no lumps. Now add the eggs, beat until everything is incorporated. Take out your ramekins, put a teaspoon of cocoa powder into each ramekin & turn to coat the inside and sides well.

Divide the batter in to four ramekins. Arrange the ramekins in a flat baking tray & bake for 20 to 30 minutes or until sides are baked & the center is soft. Run a small knife inside around the ramekin to release the muffin & turn the ramekin upside down on to a serving plate & tap the bottom little, take the ramekin, serve the Chocolate Lava Muffin with Vanilla Ice Cream, I loved it plain........ Enjoy!


  1. Looks pretty yummy ! Never tried with Maïzena instead of traditionnal flour ? <3

  2. I will try with Maizena soon <3