Monday, March 12, 2012

Saucy leeks with sausage

This is just a very simple sausage dish which can be eaten with hotdog buns, roshi, rice or even you can add to pasta with few table spoons of Parmesan. I like lots and lots of pepper powder in the sauce but my kids don't eat spicy so just one table spoon still it was little spicy for them.

1pkt sausage
1big leek
1/2cup chilly & garlic sauce
1/3cup tomato sauce
1tbs pepper powder
1/3cup vegetable oil

Fry or boil the sausages, cut each into pieces, however big you want the sausages.
Heat oil in a sauce pan, add leeks and fry until soft add sauces & pepper powder mix well add sausages give a good stir season with pinch of salt……………………………………enjoy!


  1. Catchy title :)... so did you cover the sausages when fried them to make it look like that?

  2. No I did not cover, just fried on low heat for about 5 minutes.....