Sunday, January 15, 2012

My sons easy, fast & supper delicious Noodles

My son eats noodles only this way, he told me one day to cook him noodles like this after that me & my daughter also likes to eat noodles this way. So easy, so fast & supper delicious.

1pkt Noodles (mamee brand)
3tbs mas fai
2tbs tomato paste
1can tuna chunks in oil (drain oil before putting in noodles)
11/2cup water
1/2cup drumstick leaves

Put all ingredients other then drumstick leaves into a saucepan.

Empty soup packet in the noodle's packet into the sauce pan too, stir and cook until noodles are soft but not mashed about 10minutes or less.

Put noodles into a serving plate & scatter handful of drumstick leaves on top .......enjoy.

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