Friday, December 16, 2011


I may be the first women to make Marshmallows in Maldives. Some may think why to make when it is available at the stores but for me making a confection at home gives more happiness than buying from a store. When we think broadly in Maldives everything is imported nothing is made other than fish cans so if something like a world war starts (I pray it never happens) but if something like this happens than we may run out of confections, than what to do? so If we know to make something we love to eat so much we don’t have to worry and wait until war finishes hehehe… ok enough of my silly writing back to recipe.
2cups of sugar
11/2cups water
4tbs unflavored gelatin
2egg whites
1tbs glucose syrup
1tbs vanilla extract
1/3cups Corn flour
1/3cups icing sugar
2tbs vegetable oil or shortening

Candy thermometer
Large Stand mixer
13x9inch pan
One medium size deep sauce pan
One normal sauce pan

Aluminum foil

Mix corn flour and icing sugar in a bowl, Cover the pan with aluminum foil, rub oil or shortening on aluminum foil and give a generous sprinkle dusting of corn flour/icing sugar over the entire pan.
Divide water in two sauce pans equally, in the deep pan put sugar and glucose syrup.
In the normal saucepan put vanilla extract give a stir and sprinkle gelatin on top leave it aside so that gelatin will bloom. Put the egg whites in a large bowl of stand mixer and start whipping, actually this have to be done while sugar syrup is cooking but if you’re making marshmallows for the first time better do the work one by one. Even in hand mixer this can be done. Whip the egg whites until it holds firm peaks, stop mixer until sugar syrup is ready.
Start cooking the sugar mixture on low heat stirring until sugar is dissolved stop stirring and let the syrup come to a boil, insert the candy thermometer and let it boil until candy thermometer reads 260 degrees. This will take some time.
Start cooking the gelatin mixture and stir until gelatin is completely dissolved. Take away from flame set aside.
When candy thermometer reaches 260 degrees (hard-ball stage) take the candy thermometer out, switch off flame add the gelatin mixture give a stir. Now this mixture needs to be poured into the egg whites. If your sauce pan have a handle it will be easy to pour hot syrup otherwise pour the syrup in to a measuring cup or a pitcher or a jug so that it will be easy and safe to pour. If sugar syrup hits your skin it will create painful burns from experience I am telling so be very careful. Start the mixer low, from a side start pouring the syrup slowly. If you are using a hand mixture pour a little syrup from a side beat the mixture stop again pour some beat like this if you are using a hand mixer.
Once all the syrup is poured start the mixture on medium high. First the mixture will be runny, Keep on beating until the mixture holds its shape and opaque, about 5 to 10 minutes.
Oil a rubber spatula and scrap the Marshmallow in to the prepared pan.
Spread and smooth the marshmallow with the spatula.
Leave the Marshmallow to set over night or at least five hours.  When set dust a working area with a generous amount of corn flour/icing sugar mixture and on top of marshmallow also dust with this powder. 
Take the Marshmallow from the pan lifting the aluminum foil and flip Marshmallow on your working area, remove the aluminum foil.
Oil a sharp knife and cut the Marshmallow in to 1inch cubes.
Roll the cut squares in the corn flour/icing sugar mixture so that it will not stick to each other……………………………enjoy!

Note: I have put this recipe under kids fun label too but  kids cannot stay near while making marshmallows because if sugar syrup scatters it will create painful and serious burns. So just only to roll the cut marshmallows in sugar/flour mixture kids have to be allowed. To cook sugar syrup use a deep pan as sugar while cooking also scatters.

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  1. These marshmallow looks delicious. I would love to taste it on a bbq fire.

    this blog is such an inspirational blog and i can tell "the best food blog in Maldives".

    keep up the good work.