Friday, August 19, 2011

Nasi Goreng

2cups basmati rice
250g beef (cut in to small cubes)
250g boneless chicken (cut in to small cubes)
250g prawns
1 big onion
8 curry leaves
2inch 4 ramp leaf
6 dried chilies
3tsp dark soy sauce
1/2cup vegetable oil
For the paste:
21/2tsp coriander seeds
2 garlic bulb
1 onion (small)
1 Maldivian chilly (tholhi miruhe)
2cm ginger
1/2tsp black pepper

Cook rice. Crush and make a paste of all paste ingredients in a food processor (some people add 1/2tsp sugar when they make this paste if you like you can add). Set aside.

In a wok heat half of the oil stir fry chicken, beef and prawns with 1/2tsp of salt put lid on the wok and leave the meet to cook for about 5 minutes. When you see some stock formed inside the wok switch off flame.

In another wok heat rest of the oil add onion, curry leaves, ramp leaves, dried chilies and the paste mixture fry until fragrant. Add meat mixture with stock cook 2minuts.

Add dark soy sauce mix in cooked rice. Season with salt.

Make an omelet of 2eggs and serve the rice with omelet and sliced cucumber ......................enjoy.

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