Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saagu (Sagu) Boakibaa

1 cup saagu
1L water
11/4cup Sugar
1/4cup grated Coconut
1/2cup flour
2 eggs 
1tsp Vanilla essence or rose water
¼ cup sliced Sea Almond ( If you don't have sea almond use any kind if nuts you like)
2 tsp margarine or butter
2 tsp flour 


Boil saagu in 1L of water.

When saagu turns translucent, pour into strainer and wash away excess starch with cold water.

Add all ingredients other than Butter & 2 tsp flour, mix until sugar dissolves (Mix by hand). Butter a small Baking tray I used 18x6.8cm spring form round tray, put the 2 tsp flour & turn the tray to dust evenly. 

This will help the boakibaa not to stick in the tray. Bake at 190C for 11/2 hour until the up of boakibaa turns light brown. Cool completely before cutting boakibaa..........................enjoy.

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