Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bashi hiki Riha (Eggplant dry Curry)

Eggplant curry can be cooked by deep frying the eggplants before putting into the onion mixture, if you deep fry then no need to cover saucepan just right away after caramelizing the onions add eggplants & all other ingredients give a stir and cook for five minutes. . If you want a thinner consistency of eggplant curry you can add about 1cup of coconut milk.

5big Eggplant or Bashi (cut in to bite size cubes)
75grm dried tuna chips
1big tomato (chopped)
2big onions (sliced)
1tbs ginger garlic paste
1spring curry leaves
4pc 3inch pandan leaves
1/2 of a Maldivian red chilli (githeyo mirus)
3tbs chicken curry powder or roasted curry powder
1tbs lonuminus curry powder or chilly powder
21/2tbs tomato paste
1/3cup to 1/2cup vegetable or olive oil

In a sauce pan or a wok heat about 5tbs of oil, add onion, red chilli, curry leaves & pandan leaves fry until onion gets soft. 

Now add eggplants, tomato and ginger garlic paste give a stir add more oil if necessary, cover saucepan & cook on low flame until eggplants are soft (in between do stir eggplant mixture as it will easily burn). 

Add all curry powders, tomato paste & dry tuna chips give a stir & cook for another 4 to 5 minutes. Season with salt and serve with rice or roshi..................................................enjoy!

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