Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Atha fani (Custard apple juice)

Custard apple one of the common fruit of Maldives. I want to make some new dessert from this fruit because I had ten custard apples in the gift box which I got from the island friend. My kids love to eat this fruit so much that I let them eat the ripe custard apples each day so now I am left with only three custard apples. This sweet and fleshy fruit is used only to make a juice in our cuisine. I have written a new recipe but I need lot of custard apples so I will keep that recipe for later and write how I make this delicious refreshing juice.

2big ripe custard apple(Atha)
1/2 to 1cup sugar
3cups of water

Scoop the flesh and seeds of custard apple using a melon scooper or a spoon in to a bowl.

Put 1/2 cup sugar on top of the flesh and seeds......time to get messy....using your hand rub the sugar on the seeds with some force...don't worry seeds are so hard it wont crush. 

The reason why sugar have to be rubbed on the seeds are custard apple seeds have a lot of sweet flesh attached, so the best way you can remove the flesh out of most of the seeds are by rubbing the sugar but still some seeds will be left with flesh. 

When you think you are done or tired ...hehehe..wash your hand and add water into the custard apple and sugar mixtures stir to combine, you can see some of the seeds almost all the flesh is gone, if you want you can remove the seeds now or you can leave the seeds. I love to leave the seeds as I like to suck the flesh out of the seeds while I drink this yummy juice (don't swallow the seeds it has to be thrown away). Taste and adjust the sweetness per your taste with the rest of sugar. Serve with some ice cubes or without......................................enjoy!                

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